Doctor's cosmetics “Reversal Plus”

Dr. Hiroshi Ikeno

Yesterday, I met Dr. Hiroshi Ikeno on a bullet train heading to Tokyo.

Prof. Ikeno boasts the largest number of cases for acne treatment in Japan and is the first person to spread vitamin C derivatives clinically in Japan. I have been teaching you how to make a vitamin C derivative lotion 8 years ago. There are many developers of self-proclaimed doctors cosmetics, but the true developer and researcher is probably Professor Ikeno.
It's a shame every time a dermatologist who has never made her own cosmetics sees a magazine that has been introduced as the authority of Doctors' cosmetics.
Recently, these doctors have been fascinated by magazines, but Prof. Ikeno is a true researcher who goes to the United States for self-study as well as publishing papers in the United States. I am one of the respectable doctors.
I would like to follow him and study harder.