Support athletes! !

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At the end of last year, a single professional boxer retired. Yoshinobu Nakamura 26 years old.
A gem that won the 2nd place in the Japanese flyweight class and the Philippine player who was definitely said to be the world champion.

He grew up with the same mother and child as me. However, when he came home from boxing practice, his mother took a breath in the kitchen. I had no dream of making my mother a wealthy life in boxing.

Professional boxing supported a lonely life without parents, siblings or relatives. Although it was a professional, it was just a life to live. I was attracted to a polite and mature youth.

His feelings resonate with me who lost her mother without filial piety.
Before fighting he was praying to his mother.
Like him, I remember my mother's suffering before she died when I was going to make money. You will never get profitable.

I feel that there are fewer people who love and support sports.
Companies and leaders who see players only as profit-making tools are also noticeable.
There were some people who couldn't catch the sport purely, such as the director of the Chubu business group who applied pressure on my track and field and harassed the players, and the track and field club manager of Company T. I would like to work harder than ever to keep up with adversity.