Skin tumor

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Today, the patient who came to the clinic had the opportunity to show the surgery marks of a patient who had been treated for a while with skin tumors.

The scars that were excised were transplanted from the abdomen.
During hospitalization, it seems that daily disinfection and gauze exchange were repeated.

Although it was healed, it was a scar that was not beautiful due to pigmentation and redness.

I was surprised that there are still doctors who disinfect scars and change gauze every day.
Surgical wounds should not be disinfected.

Furthermore, the act of removing gauze directly makes the wound difficult to heal.
In fact, most patients and doctors think that the remaining wounds cannot be handled, but that is not the case.

Applying a vitamin C derivative lotion daily may improve redness and pigmentation, and may clear the scar.

If the wound remains after surgery and is given up for granted, there will be no medical progress.

The doctor's attitude to humbly learn about cutting-edge wound care is the consideration for the true patient.

Even in the medical field, the wrong wound treatment is being performed, so the correct care of wounds has not yet spread to the general public.

To the wound

Never disinfect
Never apply gauze directly
Wash with tap water
As a general rule, bathing and showering will start from the next day