Petite shaping of small face (Ella)

Burn treatment

Today, I was able to treat a female patient who came from Kobe to treat burns.
Cooking oil hits the face and burns 2 degrees. I was consulted by a local doctor, but was only prescribed steroid ointment and was not taking appropriate measures.
I searched for HP on my own and put a Saran wrap ...

Actually, it is not widespread. Saran Wrap does not make much sense for burns.
If it is a wide area, it makes sense, but in a narrow area, the exudate leaks out and the burned area becomes dry.
In such cases, hydrocolloid materials. Cover with Karaya Hessy and gently wash the affected area every day.

Since there is a high possibility that redness and pigmentation will remain after burns, it is recommended to apply vitamin C derivatives as antioxidants.

Vaseline application is not meaningless, but exudate may be absorbed by petrolatum and interfere with healing.

There should be no spots on the face of the woman.