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The tragic scars of the treatment

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Today's patient was a man after my treatment.

Recently, advertisements have become conspicuous.

Theoretically it's not wrong. Randomly shoots the needle into the skin to generate high-frequency heat energy that destroys the apocrine sweat glands and treats the armpits.

But the biggest drawback is this. Randomly irradiating the skin with heat energy will cause damage to normal skin.

It is still a new treatment and the long-term prognosis is not known, and recurrence is quite large. Many patients are consulted to receive consultation after the treatment of View ○○○ that has no effect at all and that a severe scar remains.

Looking at the traces of countless scars remaining on the skin of the eyelids after burns on a small circle, considerable damage occurs only on the epidermis, and it seems difficult to damage the important apocrine sweat glands.

The manufacturer seems to sell this opportunity to a medical facility with emphasis only on the benefits, but it should be known that there are not a few patients who suffer from such scars. The odor can be completely cured in 1 times! ... I can assure you that this is never possible.

Careful consideration of treatment choices is required before you can be treated.