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Challenge your training to the limit

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.

I tried an extreme challenge with MC training.

Different from the conventional pressurized training system.

200mHg pressure load on the thigh

And squats.

To the limit where the leg cannot move. . .

The general limit is 30 times.

Even if you are trained in a trainer class every day, few people can do it more than 50 times.

Today's personal record of 181 times The previous 161 record has been greatly updated.

Since a load more than 3-5 times the normal squat is applied, the calculation is light and squat more than 500 times.

It was really tight.

I asked the best bicycle racer 180 times and tried it.

Down for a while, and headaches.

Applying extreme loads to the body from time to time is good for training if you are healthy.

It is close to 200 times.

I want to work hard by whipping my body before 55.