To the world! Dream is what we make

Over 25 years working for beauty. As a cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist

I have been working on anti-aging and shaping by changing colors and shapes with medical theory and technology.

I'm not good at studying. . . But I'm absolutely confident if I work fine and persistence.

And a passion for exploring beauty.

We have performed all types of surgery in the cosmetic surgery field, and have been treating patients in the field of cosmetic medicine using many advanced technology lasers, radio frequency, ultrasound and other physics technology treatment systems. . . I'm still immature and studying.

However, it became clear that this knowledge, experience, and technology can ultimately be applied to art production.

Art partner K's dream is to become the owner and director of the world's best yacht race America's Cup.

More than 100 billion yen per year is required.

Just to get to the America's Cup The design office that accepts high-level project work from the world's top brands has been closed and a new business has been established and has been a great success.

The next step is to invest in art production and experience and technology of Mr. K

The world's best equipment and equipment, environment and staff are also required for art production.

Same as current medical research.

There is a limit alone.

In order to make your dreams come true, we have great friends.

Dreams are not something to follow but to grab.

Be sure to complete a beautiful art work that is recognized as the best in the world for the world's highest reality.