Artist has minimal scientific knowledge

This painful accident is a man-made disaster.

I couldn't keep up with safety management

The reason was that attention was not paid to the fact that incandescent lamps could overheat and ignite wood chips.

If you are creating an art work, you must never be at risk for those who appreciate it.

If there is a slight risk to appreciation, I think the work is not art.

When starting a fire on an uninhabited island, the frictional heat is applied simultaneously by finely tearing or crushing the wood into a state of wood chips that are easy to ignite, that is, can produce a seed fire.

It should have been easily expected that an incandescent lamp would generate a high fever and ignite wood chips.

I think it was an exhibition of art works lacking sociality.

Artist has minimum scientific knowledge.

Lost child I think my parents hurt my chest.

Thinking about the feelings of the father who couldn't help the child in front of me, my heart deeply hurts.

I would like the organizers and those who created the works that could not avoid this accident to reflect on the feelings of the survivors and reflect on them.

An art accident that should not be 2.

I pray from Kento-sama's relentless heart.