Same as JISS lecture to Fencing Association ...

Today ’s lecture at Juntendo University School of Medicine…

I am a doctoral student and have a question from a sports group national team doctor listening to my lecture.

Autonomic questions and thoughts I can't communicate with my trainer What should I do?

When. Common language shortage, gap between pride and ability. Athletes who become Hb 6 units by overworking ... I was troubled by the fact that there were many trainers who didn't show an understanding of conditioning. The communication between doctors and trainers is really hard. We should be comrades supporting athletes, not enemies ...

The attitude of not listening to the opinions of the team doctor.
It seems that the same phenomenon happened in other organizations as when I gave a lecture at the Fencing Association in JISS.

The rude attitude of the trainers and mentors at this time was amazing.
Not to mention the fencing Rio results as expected. I think this is the result of the resentment of the leaders.

(Exercise of Mr. Saida, Managing Director)