Professional boxing trainer license

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It has been almost 20 years since we obtained a professional boxing trainer license.

To date, we have experienced more than 100 battles such as World Title Match, Toyo Pacific Title Match, and Japan Title Match, but I am proud to be in a position to fight with players, not ring doctors.

As a cutman, I have also done care for a wound during a game of a player, but I feel I was able to support the player in a very important role.

Annual renewal license.

This year, we ’re almost gone…

Recruiting staff for next year's Sakae Clinic.

Medical treatment contents: Anti-aging, cosmetic dermatology medical treatment


Representative of Japan Top athletes, entertainment professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. carefully treat VIP.

Providing high-quality medical services that treat patients as relatives


Reception / Counselor Nurse

No need for beauty experience

Those who have a strong interest in beauty

Training system available

Employee Welfare



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