Elementary school girl athletes who are attracting the most attention in Japan

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MIKI HOUSE has already been fully supported by being pulled by all media There are elementary school girls racing drivers.

Noda Juju 11 years old

Former F1 racing driver Hideki Noda's daughter.

The special feature was BS yesterday

Ride the formula car with the fastest speed of 240 km / h. F4 Okayama International Circuit.

The immense talent and potential of motorsports attracts enthusiasm and attention.

I have been teaching NRA Noda Racing Academy for training and autonomic nervous function exercises.

Mr. Masae, the mother of Juju, also participated in the Top Athlete Training Guidance Seminar at Sakae Clinic many times from far away, and learned how to train.

It seems that the age-restricted wall is the biggest bottleneck for her now.

Japanese are f1 racing drivers and women.

I want you to carry a big dream and open up the future.


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