Today's artwork

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The concept of art production is based on the theme of space, earth, humanity and technology.

Expressing the beauty of the wonderful technology that mankind has built up in art.

Electronic circuit boards, watch movements, roman glasses, ancient Roman coins, glass, many everyday materials, lasers, LEDs ...

Mankind has created many things.

We almost always dispose of this wonderful beauty without being aware of it.

No one disassembles and looks at the electronic circuit board or logic board inside the mobile phone.

However, it is packed with human wisdom crystals.

We started a project with our partners to create the beauty that humankind has not yet seen by putting the experience of a clinician as a scientist into art production.

The partner is an artistic photographer who has already completed a major project of the world's number one brand company.

We will endeavor to complete a work that can be released to the world next year.