Seattle Mariners Trainer. Nakazawa in the world!

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Former Chunichi Dragons, Fukudome, and Darvish exclusive trainers, and the current Seattle Mariners exclusive trainer, Nakazawa Trainer, and entertainment related parties.

At Seattle Mariners, Iwabuchi and all other top players are now being cared for.

Traveling around the United States with the players, the game is also on the bench.

I'm listening to the story behind a major leaguer. 10 year in the United States. It is a big success behind the scenes. The clinic has come to study conditioning. When you come back to Japan, we will use the experience of conditioning the world's best majors together. We had a meeting.

Recruiting staff for next year's Sakae Clinic.

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Representative of Japan Top athletes, entertainment professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. carefully treat VIP.

Providing high-quality medical services that treat patients as relatives


Reception / Counselor Nurse

No need for beauty experience

Those who have a strong interest in beauty

Training system available

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