Go to the Pyeongchang Olympics!

Head to the Pyeongchang Olympics to support the Japanese national team.

Medal Expectation Event I bought 5 competition tickets and organized my own tour.

This is the fourth time the Olympics have been supported and watched. Until now, players who have been directly instructed for training have been expected to win medals, but this time it will be pure support.

Tickets are still quite surplus, but since there are no inns at all, we are likely to go to the venue every day from a distance.

I've been lucky enough to see the Japanese athletes win the gold medal and the place where you'll be able to live, but this time is also very likely.

Women's ski jumping normal hill, men's snowboard half pipe, women's speed skating 1000M, fugia group, short track relay are all expected medals.

In Pyeongchang, where the minimum temperature is -16 degrees, watching outdoor games is likely to be a tough environment.

The winter Olympics are cold, far away and need patience, but the experience and joy of seeing historical moments are wonderful.

I wish the representatives of Japan in Pyeongchang.