What I felt through athlete support

Athletes should learn courtesy. It is exhausted.


We have been supporting many athletes for many years so far.

Recently, there are numerous sponsorship offers from Olympic athletes and leaders, but most of them don't respond to emails and responses.

The other day, there were inquiries and sponsorship requests from skate athletes aiming for the Winter Olympics.

Of course, I couldn't ignore it and explained the sponsorship by email, but there was no response.

Rather, we have received many sponsorship requests and emails, but 80-90% of them have not responded.

This is something that cannot be considered from social common sense.


If the general sociality of the athlete is not increased, continuous support will not be obtained.


I have been in the sports industry for over 20 years and have seen many leaders, trainers and athletes. I don't think there will be any development unless someone teaches me.


Even if this is an athlete's merit and you contact the leader, you may not respond.


The activities of athletes and leaders have been highlighted for the Olympics, but the social aspects of athletes should be discussed first before considering the sponsorship of second careers and activity costs.

The reason is that the country is investing taxes and dispatching representatives of Japan to overseas countries, and the country is funding for designated players.

Isn't it important that both athletes and leaders start with recognition as working adults?