Participated in the Bobsleigh World Cup

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once upon a time···

Torino Olympics Japan National Team Challenge I was serving as General Manager & Trainer From the Sakae Clinic Track and Field Club (SCTC), a former 110mH male runner-up from the Japan Athletics Championships was selected for the World Cup Japan National Team. it was done.

The pilot is a veteran Suzuki who has been in charge of conditioning from time to time.

Our track and field club is responsible for pushing the sled called a breaker! Won the All Japan Championship.

We went to support the All Japan Championships held at the Nagano Olympic bobsled course called Spiral.

The result was like a movie, and it was decided that the world cup would be battled around the world with the aim of acquiring the right to participate in the Olympics within the world ranking 20.

However, for minor competitions, players are not paid, and the Bobsleigh Association is paid only half of the expedition fee.

All other expenses such as food expenses and wear are borne by the player.

For this reason, I was responsible for the general manager of my team and paid the full amount to become a World Cup battle.

Will the Japanese national team go to the World Cup to win the Olympics on their own? ? ?

Who knows this disaster?

Only the light of sports and athletes is attracting attention, but the media does not readily convey this reality.

The Japanese representative's sleigh was the model used at the Salt Lake Olympics, and the Sakae Clinic logo was put in. The Sakae Clinic went on to battle the world.

It is a bobsled that is a big topic even for sledding, but the reality is that the player's life and environment are extremely severe.

The life part of a sled called a blade is thousands of yen overseas. A dedicated staff who transports sleds and polishes the blades as a team.

Of course, all the representative players in Japan were 2 players ... it was harsh.

Bobsleigh called F1 on ice Overseas, sponsored by the Swiss Bank or backed up by a global company, invested several hundred million yen to develop and produce the sled.

At that time, the Japanese national team had no win so that they could not win the F1 with the old model.

I hope that more and more people will understand the current situation of these players and the environment surrounding sports.