Winter Olympics

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Soon Winter Olympics Pyeongchang Olympics will be held.

Various dramas will be unfolded in Pyeongchang.

It was Turin that went to support the athlete who was conditioned for the first Winter Olympics.

I planned to go to Salt Lake, but I gave up because of my misery.

In my blog, I would like to introduce a bit of the circumstances related to the Japanese national athlete who will be a serious amateur in the Olympics.

Turin is a small town and it was already a participant and the accommodation was full and we watched it from Milan to the Olympic Games venue over 3 hours (over 2 hours by train, 30-60 minutes by bus).

The Olympics are patience.

Cold, long waiting time, endless distance on foot to the venue entrance ...

Worst accommodation and traffic environment.

Huge accommodation costs.

Huge ticket costs. . . The figure is a popular ticket, and if it comes with a premium price, it will cost more than 50 10,000 yen, and it was purchased by the Russian route in advance for actual sales, but it was about 16 10,000 yen.

It's such a harsh trip, but it's well worth watching because of the experience of meeting historical moments and experiencing the great atmosphere of the Olympic venue and the city.

Turin's skating venue was great.

In Turin, we watched short track skating and figure skating.

I was 12 years ago.