The miracle of the Torino Olympics

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I went to support Torino Olympic athletes who were instructing for the Torino Olympics.

Unfortunately, the medal was out of reach for 5.

At the same venue, the final for women's figure skating was held, so I watched it.

Miki Ando, ​​Shizuka Arakawa, and others. Many Japanese rushed to support the venue because the medal candidates were participating.

Turin was a small local city with few lodging facilities, and it was a round-trip 5-6 time-trip from Milan.

Fortunately, however, I was able to see Shizuka Arakawa's performance of winning a gold medal and I was able to listen to you at the award ceremony at the venue.

Cheering was just right at the seat next to Shizuka Arakawa's parents, and at the moment when the gold medal was decided, the press from around the world rushed to panic and my face also flowed around the world on TV.

I was really lucky to meet at this moment.

Soon until the Pyeongchang Olympics. What drama is waiting for this year?