Features of the Winter Olympics

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The Pyeongchang Olympics will be held shortly. Unlike the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics are unique.

This is because most of the competitions have never been seen as minor sports.

In particular, Japanese people who do not live in Hokkaido rarely see ski jump competitions or snowboard competitions.

In Bobsleigh, it is held only at the stadium used in the Nagano Olympics called Spiral in Japan, and the competition population is very small.

Because it is a minor, there are quite a few corporate sponsors and it takes a lot of money for overseas battles.

The rules of the Winter Olympics are often changed in favor of the Nordic people, just like the Olympic Games for the Whites.

If the spectators are not too excited ...

Today's minimum temperature in Pyeongchang is -21 degrees.

I am praying for the success of the Japanese players in the cold.

At the Torino Olympics, it was relatively warm, and I didn't feel the cold in indoor competition as it was in winter in Japan.