Olympic mark

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Olympic mark objects are always popular as shooting spots.

It is always installed in an area where people near the venue gather.

This time it was installed in front of a relay station heading to the venue, so a commemorative photo was taken.


Products with the Olympic mark are strictly controlled by the IOC and must not be used without permission.

Goods and wear with the Olympic logo are also under control, and the cost seems to be added accordingly.


"Olympicマ ー ク,So-calledOlympic markIs a single color or five colors (blue, yellow, black, green, red)ringIn the form of overlapping and connecting Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, OceaniaIt means continents and their interconnections and solidarity, but no color means a specific continent. "



Since the ownership of Olympic marks such as the Olympic mark belongs to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it has control of the Olympic marks.

Commercial use of the Olympic Mark is not permitted except by the Olympic sponsors in accordance with IOC regulations.

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