Hinomaru will be held at the venue

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Last night's short track skating 1000m Men's Qualifying To support the 5000M Relay, the Hinomaru flag was raised as usual at the venue.

Although it is a minor sports short track, watching games is very thrilling and interesting.

It ’s a fun and thrilling game to watch.

Unfortunately, the venue is mostly occupied by Korean cheering teams with strong players.

There is almost no support for Japan.

Despite the Olympics being held in the neighboring country, there are very few supporters from Japan and it is a shame as a Japanese.

Despite refraining from the Tokyo 2020 wheel in 5 year, there is not enough heart to support athletes who do their best against Hinomaru.

We supported with the best of the Japanese boys team in the world ranking 6.

The result was a fall, qualifying loss. At the Pyeongchang Olympics, a fallen rear tie of a Japanese player is noticeable.