Watching the Olympic Games is patience

It takes about 0 minute to read this article.

We arrived at the snowboard competition venue 1 hours ago ...

There is a huge line in front of the security gate.

It took more than 30 minutes to get inside.

There are few gates. Even though we knew in advance that tens of thousands of spectators would come in at once, the gate was only 8.

It was not possible for the run start of the players in time due to the impossible management preparation.

Why can't I make it in time to arrive at the venue before 1 hours? ? ?

Behind us, it was a long line, so many spectators started and it became possible to enter after a while.

There are few toilets, distant, guidance is not good.

It was a watching game that required patience.

I would like you to carefully prepare for this to happen in Tokyo 5.