Pyeongchang Olympic Games Report

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Chang Olympic Games Watching Report

2018.2.11 to 2.15


2 Mon 11 day, I went to watch the Pyeongchang Olympics in the Winter Olympics.

Supporting athletes in Athens, support of athletes who were in charge of instruction in Turin and Vancouver, this time Pyeongchang watched the Olympic Games as a vice representative of AMSA (Advanced Medical Science Sports Academy).

AMSA supports many top athletes with various approaches such as autonomic nerve, mental, gene, intestinal environment and visual function.


It was difficult to secure an inn around Pyeongchang, and we rented a pension in the mountains about 40-60 for KNUM from the competition venue and went to the stadium based here.

When we arrived from Centrair to the newly built 2 terminal at Incheon Airport, it was expected to be crowded at the Olympics. The airport and people were sparse and the entry procedures were completed smoothly without waiting.

The first day was about 1 time by KTX to Seoul, and it was just 9 at night.


In the morning of 2 on the 12 day, we went to Gangneung Ice Arena for about 1 hours to watch the final of the figure skating group.

1 hours before the start of the competition, there were almost no spectators yet after entering the security check.

The seats were gradually buried, but there were quite a few seats available at the start of the competition.

Expect the Japanese medal! The previous reputation was high, but Yuzuru Hanyu declined to participate in the team battle, and the result was 5.

The first free performance of Criminal Tanaka was a fall and the score did not increase.

Kaori Sakamoto's performance was not the best, and overall the performance of Japanese players was inferior to that of other countries.

The fact that many players did not perform their original performance in the qualifying seemed to reflect the competition time and the intention of the TV station with the broadcasting rights. It is so-called adult circumstances.

What was missing in Japanese players?

It may have been in the conditioning method.

The Gangneung Ice Arena that arrived 1 hours ago stood out.

Criminal Tanaka's score does not increase Japan 5

OAR is an abbreviation for “Olympic Assault from Russia”, and it is a notation for individual participation, not for Russian representatives due to doping problems.

The winner is Canada. It was a masterpiece in every performance.

Security was stricter than before boarding the airport. The contents of the bag I brought were opened and scrutinized.




After watching the figure group, I went back to the inn and prepared for the normal hill women's jump at normal hill.


KTX that connects stations near the competition venue. There is no ticket like Japan in the reservation system on the net. The station is unattended and all seats are reserved without a ticket gate.

All KTX on the way back were full and I couldn't secure a seat, so TAXI was the only means of transportation.

I felt that the number of trains heading to the station near the competition venue was small and there was not enough consideration for the audience.

In Pyeongchang city, you can't secure a hotel and you can go to the station near the stadium by KTX.



We went to the jump venue for dinner at the FOOD TRUCK around the station, starting at 9 at 35 minutes.

There are no restaurants at the stations around Pyeongchang. It was a modern and impressive station, but I wonder why there are no restaurants or cafes.

Is there an Olympic sponsor relationship?

The McDonald's very small booth was just in the hall, and there was not enough facilities to eat.


At the station near the jumping stadium, only FOOD TRUCK was the only place to get food.
I headed to the jump stadium by taxi.

It is a very beautiful and new stadium.

It ’s cold anyway. -12 ° C, feel less -20 ° C and strong wind.

Although seats were secured, I went to the standing area and cheered for support from Japanese players. I felt that few people were watching Korean because 1 time was the limit to stand and cheer up with the cold from the ground.

After finishing the 1 program, Sara Takanashi was ranked 3.

After the end of the 1 run, the temperature was below -10 ° C and the sensible temperature was -20 ° C.



On the 2 month 13 day, we watched Short Track Women's 500M Qualifiers / Finals, Men's 1000M, Men's 5000M Relay.

The Korean cheering team occupies the venue because it was the most active place for Korean players.

Unfortunately, there was an expectation of medals, but the Japanese team with the world rank 6 was defeated by a fallen player.


Short Track 5000M Relay Japanese Men's Team

Expected Yoshinaga passed qualifying.


90km from Gangneung Ice Arena to the inn.

I managed to secure TAXI, so I headed to the hotel right after the competition.

On February 14, it was a snowboard half-pipe game in the morning.

The snowboard was full, despite the fact that Shaun White, the world's top star of the Pyeongchang Olympics, participated, despite the lack of leading Korean players.

I arrived at the stadium one hour ago, but there was a long line in front of the security gate.

There are only 8 security gates.

There are too few gates for the audience, which will exceed 10,000, to be checked.

By the time we left the gate, the competition had already begun after the start time.


There is a long line in front of the security gate, just before the competition start time. I felt doubts about the management system.


Snowboard halfpipe venue


Admission was delayed due to congestion at the security check gate, so it was not in time for the start




The Japanese players watched the three runs that passed the qualifying. Gold medal candidate Ayumi Hirano's first run fell.

Yuto Totsuka's second run failed to land on the air, falling from a height of 5m, hitting his body violently at the edge of the halfpipe and rolling down to the bottom.

The screams of the audience are confused throughout the venue, and Totsuka cannot move his body at all.

Immediately medical rescue transports Totsuka on a stretcher.

The disturbing atmosphere has wrapped the venue.

However, Ayumi Hirano's run for the second time delivered an amazing performance and scored a high score of 95.25. He stood at the top with the highest score that surpassed the high score of the first Shaun White.

Ayumu Hirano vs Sean White became a gold medal battle.


Ayumi Hirano, the top player for the second time with a high score of 95.25

Hirano, who failed to land in the third run, will end the competition and wait for the result of Sean White's run.

Sean White's third run was the third time he won a gold medal with a higher score than 97.75 Hirano.

There was a great cheer in Shaun White ’s run. Unfortunately, Hirano was a silver medal, but I was lucky to be able to witness the two moments of Show White's gold medal, given the opportunity to see the world's best battles directly.



Kodaira's time at the Vancouver Olympics is 1 minutes 16 seconds 80

Kodaira's time at the Pyeongchang Olympics is 1 minutes 13 seconds 82

4 seconds are faster in this 3 year. The result of 8 years of effort appeared in the result of a silver medal.
On the last day, I went to watch the speed skating girl 1000M at Gangneung Ice Arena from 19:00. Near the ice arena is Pyeongchang's largest Olympic official goods shop. If you look forward to the official shop the day before to buy Olympic official goods and look forward to the official shop, all ...

It is impossible. The shop will no longer open despite the fact that it has arrived at the site and there is no wind.

I was surprised to build a shop with a durable structure that would need to be closed for safety due to strong winds.

When the audience came in front of the shop, they found CLOSED and dropped their shoulders.

Speed ​​skating venue



Both Nao Kodaira and Miho Takagi are expected to win medals.

Kodaira is the world record holder of women's 1000M.

Japanese support is also available at the venue.

At the Vancouver Olympics, I watched a 1000M speed skating girl, but Kodaira and Takagi were also participating. However, the Japanese players at this time did not win medals.

Naoko Kodaira who participated in the Vancouver Olympics Speed ​​Skating Women 1000M


Kodaira's time at the Vancouver Olympics is 1 minutes 16 seconds 80


Kodaira's time at the Pyeongchang Olympics is 1 minutes 13 seconds 82

4 seconds are faster in this 3 year. The result of 8 years of effort appeared in the result of a silver medal.

The result of the speed skating girl 1000M was Kodaira silver medal and Takagi bronze medal.

Unfortunately, Kodaira did not reach the gold medal.

This is the end of all my watching games in Pyeongchang.


Until now, I was able to witness the moment of winning a gold medal by a Japanese player of 6 degree, but I could not witness the moment of the gold medal at the 4 Olympic Games.
I wanted to experience that you were impressed at the award ceremony.
Last but not least, the Hinomaru is raised.
I am proud to be able to support the Japanese national team fighting the world in Pyeongchang.





Many dramas unfold in the fight of top athletes.

In Pyeongchang, there are still some doubts as the Olympic venue, such as extreme cold, strong wind, poor management, poor access to the venue and poor transportation, unsatisfactory venue, live in the middle of a mismatched game, etc. It was. Ski slope-style girls who fall one after another, men's ski jumping normal hill where the competition was frequently interrupted by the influence of strong winds below the temperature-20 ° C and ended the next day after 0.

I myself have been the hardest to watch the Olympic Games four times in the past. 

I hope that the Tokyo Olympics will be successful in building a smooth operation and a system from the standpoint of athletes and spectators.



Summary: The Pyeongchang Olympics had problems with its management and competition environment.

I was reminded of the harshness of athletes fighting nature.

A Japanese player who had a lot of falls in many events.

All Japanese athletes are world class in terms of skill and practice, but there may have been a problem with the previous conditioning method.

The mind that controls the body.

Autonomic nerve control greatly affects the performance of athletes.

Similar to autonomic training, physical and mental training, the results may have been different.

AMSA also strives to disseminate the importance of autonomic training, which is the training of 3 after physical and mental, to the next-generation athletes, and support for procedures and knowledge, intestinal environment, nutrition and visual functions, and genomic analysis. I want to.