Why was Yamanaka KO?

It takes about 2 minute to read this article.

Over 20 years I have been involved in boxing and have been in charge of training, care and treatment for many athletes. As a professional boxing trainer and doctor, I would like to analyze yesterday's Yamanaka game.


The conclusion was fighting featherweight players on the 2 class.

Yamanaka, who was forced to lose weight at the bantamweight level, was freed from weight loss, and was fighting against Neri, a featherweight player in perfect condition.


In other words, the results were expected before the match.

It is difficult to win a champion in the 2 class unless there is a good deal first.

In the video of the game, it was clear that Neri was fighting with an opponent who was a bit bigger and punched than Yamanaka.

Yamanaka is definitely hit and weak.

This should have the effect of weight loss and dehydration.

If the blood flow of the brain decreases due to dehydration, it will be very vulnerable to damage.

A boxer before weighing is often dehydrated enough to prevent bleeding even if the fingertip is stabbed with a needle. It is clear from a medical point of view how much weight loss is damaging to the body.


I think this game should never have been played except for the performance.

It should have been a possibility of a level of a game where an accident would actually occur.


Congratulations to Yamanaka who lost. Please take a rest slowly. I want to tell you.

I want Neri to stop boxing right away.


The gentleman's sport with rules and respect for the other person must not feel dirty.

I'm sorry.


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