Pyeongchang Olympics

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After the Pyeongchang Olympics were over, the excitement of Japanese players' activities has subsided.

Unfortunately there were few Japanese cheering teams at the venue and I felt a little lonely.


In the pension where I stayed (90 km away from the main venue), a Nigerian bobsleigh team was staying.

It seems that the team athletes stayed in the country with money because they were not able to enter the Olympic Village for free because they were not ready for the Winter Olympics.

Discovered that there is no Nigerian athletes and found staying at this pension. IOC? It seems that the staff members of Nomura came and were led to the Olympic Village.

He had booked a hotel for a long stay, but the players who came to Korea with Kampa's money were too lazy to cancel the accommodation fee. Even though it was full and it was hard to stay, it was wonderful!


Information communication is so different from country to country.


The owner of the pension came to pick me up after arrival and picked me up to the station.

The events of the extremely cold Pyeongchang and Nigerian Bob Slam were a little warming.


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Recruiting reception / counselors and nurses

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