Thoughts on art

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Many people have never seen such beautiful art! I am devoted to art production every day so that I can be impressed.

In the future, I would be pleased if we could provide some of the revenue from our artist activities to support visually impaired people.

I've seen my mother suffer for many years as a visually impaired person.

I don't think there was anything harder than a life with blindness.

The painfulness of visually impaired people cannot be exhausted in words.

I thought it would be an art that can be healed even with very little effort, but there is a big wall of sight in realizing it.

If we have the funds we can earn from our art, we hope to help the lives and activities of visually impaired people.

As energy art that gives energy to many people, I am particular about everything I do.

Materials used, workshop, production method, concept, theme, story leading to production ...

We are preparing to release a virgin work later this year.