Tragedy world title match

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The other day the WBC flyweight title match was a game that should not be played.
As a doctor who has been involved in boxing for over 20 years, I'm sorry. I was hoping for great records and great performances by Higa.
The problem is that the last game was not damaged, so the world battles were organized every 2 months.
Damage does not come from the game, but from harsh weight loss and sparring to the body.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to be in charge of conditioning after the measurement of many professional boxers who fight the world.
No blood comes out no matter how many times you stab a needle to collect blood from your finger. The fact that a single drop of sweat is not an exaggeration is an extremely dehydrated body.
A player who fought against the world came to the clinic before the title match and had been advised to retire in a state where he could not lose weight, did not pee, did not sweat, could not collect blood, and was hungry.
Dehydration is extremely dangerous.
Cerebral blood flow decreases, blood viscosity increases, and there is a risk of infarction. Since body temperature can not be adjusted, deep body temperature tends to rise rapidly, causing major damage to the central nervous system.
In this state, if the head is shot and the brain shakes, it is inevitable that the brain neurons will be damaged greatly.
Was there no specialist who advised the Higa faction?
Athletes need more daily care and conditioning than training.
I find it difficult to understand at the site.
I would like professional boxers and leaders to take advantage of this tragedy for the future development of boxing and the further progress of Higa.
I ’m always a boxing enthusiast and I ’ll do my best ...