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Tipness athlete conditioning

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This is what I have taught many top athletes for over 20 years ago.

However, we are not involved in this tipness business.


The first HRV instruction system was established by me in Japan, and I was also engaged in research at the Juntendo University Graduate School.

The manufacturer in charge of the autonomic function measurement system called Max Pulse, which is used by Tipness, has been visited by the clinic.

At that time, I remembered that I challenged the explanation and the evaluation of the results.

Is the application to athletes using this system wonderful at what I advocated and communicated at that time? Have been in business.


The big question is that HRV conditioning requires a specialist backup, but I can't see it.


Many university medical departments, research institutes, and corporate laboratories use Biocom Technology, which is used for our research and athlete guidance.


It ’s a great company to be imitated as well.


We want to promote athlete support in partnership with firms that can provide a solid academic approach, aiming to provide guidance based on evidence by sharing information between specialists and experts.