As a doctor who is a boxing person

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The other day Higa ’s world title match suddenly? The abandonment and the fans should be noisy. why? Could it still be done? The body worked ...


In fact, I thought right after TKO.


Higa ’s body was n’t ready to play.

What physiological changes do sudden weight loss cause?


The last thing a boxer does as a weight loss is dehydration. Don't drink water, go into the sauna, sweat and drain the body to the limit.

Probably not the last step of many boxers?



This is because dehydration is the most efficient way to lose weight and restore weight most quickly.

It takes time to squeeze fat and muscle.


What kind of biological change does dehydration cause?


Blood flow to all organs is reduced.

In other words, you can't sweat enough oxygen, nutrition and body temperature.


If water is forcibly put in this state for a short time, the water will enter the tissue instead of the blood vessels, causing edema and placing a heavy load on the body.


Body temperature cannot be adjusted, cerebral blood flow is reduced, oxygen cannot be sent to muscles.


100% will surely fall into the situation where the athlete's performance drops.

If you hit the head with damage in this state ...

When the brain shakes, there is no water that can be buffered.

The brain is prone to oxygen deficiency due to insufficient blood flow.

Deep body temperature suddenly rises due to extreme exercise. It becomes heat stroke state.

Great damage to the cranial nerves.

In any case, the load on the living body will be immeasurable.


Conditioning is possible by measuring autonomic function.


We knew that weight loss was already difficult in the flyweight class, and we should have given the most attention to conditioning even considering that there was a problem with weight loss adjustment before.


Why aren't specialists attached to the world champion camp like Higa?

Is there a conditioning advisor?


Why wasn't careful to aim for a new record in Japanese boxing history?


Verification in all aspects and future countermeasures are necessary.


A tragedy caused by the lack of knowledge of trainers and leaders.

More than training, conditioning and physical care are essential for athletes, and teams need specialist participation. By all means, I would like to make a strong recommendation to the people involved in boxing.

We will strive to disseminate scientific conditioning methods for professional boxers.