Disposition of former professional boxing world champion Higa

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After the game, it became quite serious, such as inability to adjust body temperature, and there was a problem with renal function.

? ? ? There are no doctors in the camp in this class, no medical staff, no trainers that can be conditioned? Is the current state of the boxing world. The rules of health management and weight management are also important, but if you forcibly dehydrate a large amount in a short period of time and do not sweat, so-called heat stroke, serious damage to the central nervous system is received by heat, not physical. I will.
Sweat is the key to controlling body temperature, but now it's a core control system http://www.topathlete.co.jp/corecontrol/ There is an athlete support system that has epoch-making evidence that it cools the radiator of the palm in a short time and the body temperature of the central nervous system does not rise abnormally, but I do not know it except for one famous trainer in Nagoya in the boxing world. ..
It is an urgent task for the boxing world to train trainers who can not only train but also condition and care.
The trainer should study the minimum medical physiological knowledge of the boxer.