Shined as a semi-grand prix at the world's highest celebrity Miscon.

The other day, Yukiko Uenono, who gave me walking instruction
Representation from Japan🇯🇵I won the semi-Grand Prix!
I am very happy that I was able to give results as a walking professional.😊.
It seems that it was the best walking!

Former professional athlete in charge of walking instruction, model miss the glam national director Tokiko Hayashida

~ Miss the glam 2018 ~
Held in Monaco
Miss TheGlam Monaco International Beauty Pageant
Yukiko-chan, the representative of Japan, who is a student of Tokiko👸
How did you do😍😍😍
Result is✨Associate Grand Prix✨
He was the first representative of Japan and gave us the result of a semi-grand prix.❤❤❤
I also watched her online last night without going to bed, but walking and posing were the best in 1🙆
The performance was also gorgeous and wonderful✨

I really did my best💕
I'm proud of u💋