World record holder revival! !

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Suzuki, who was in charge of conditioning, won the victory of the Rio Olympics? Did!


Yusuke Suzuki in the 4th round of the return, the first response in 4 years

2018.9.22 19:25

Suzuki raised his right hand and cut the finish line. The first victory in four years. I walked 10,000 meters in 39 minutes 5 seconds 19 with a margin on the condition that the temperature immediately after the start was 27.5 degrees Celsius. “When it was hot, it was a harvest. The response is great.

 Suzuki set a world record for XNUMXkm racewalking three years ago.Immediately afterwards, however, he hurt his hip joint and was forced to leave the front line.After returning to the East Japan Business Group in May this year, this is still the fourth race.It is said that while carefully handling the menu offered by the physiotherapist, his body and walking improved faster than expected.

“The real resurrection is to show people walking around the world. Do not be satisfied with this.” A 30-year-old world record holder has regained his spirit. (Masashi Takarada)