I applied for 2020 Olympic tickets.

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So far, I went to the 4 Olympics, tours, watching games, and cheering, but I would like to support the activities of Japanese athletes by watching many competitions at the Olympics held in my home country.




But it takes quite a while to apply.

In particular, when you try to watch multiple competitions on 1 day, you may think a lot, including moving the venue.

The tickets for the athletics finals have an expensive seat of 13 10,000 yen, but at the auction the day before the snowboard halfpipe final that I watched at the Vancouver Olympics, the price was 160 10,000 yen.

At that time, Sean White, a superstar, was said to be a gold medal and attracted attention.

I met Sean White at the venue.

We watched the game with the support of Ryo Aono, the world championship gold medalist who was instructing the training.

When I returned to Japan, I returned to Japan with the Japanese team.

The Olympics are really exciting.