Applying for Tokyo Olympic tickets is a daunting task

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I have been applying for watching tickets for several days, but it has not finished yet.

Things to think about ...


1: Date and time

2: Location Travel time and distance Transportation

3: Accommodation

4: Ticket cost for watching games In the track and field race, the final is 13 10,000 yen

5: Content of the event Land, gymnastics, judo ... I would like to see the moment of Japanese medal acquisition if possible

6: Cascade So-called 2 hope for seat

7: 2 hope by item

· · ·


I want to see that and it is difficult to move if the venue is far away.

Saitama Super Arena and Yokohama Stadium ...


Canoeing, rhythmic gymnastics, skateboarding, diving, and boating are also planned for watching.


28 days are approaching.