Japanese artists flapping around the world

A long-time acquaintance artist, Kirirola, is active all over the world to spread the Japanese mind.
“Happy news has arrived!
Short movie collaboration work "HELIX" with director Marie Michelle who is in charge of appearance and music
Won the Best Music Video Award at the Italian Film Festival! ! !
I am very pleased that I won the award in Buenos Aires in 2016 and this time in Italy.
I started this work after 3.11.
The director asked me what the state of Japan is like now, so I talked over time from my point of view.
“We entered the process to go to the next stage. It's like a spiral swell.” In short, he replied:
And the title became "HELIX" meaning spiral.
It's clear why this work will be known to people this year!
I will tell you.
This festival will be held on the 7 month 7 in a medieval castle on the Italian coast near Neptune, near Rome.
I am very much looking forward to being invited to the award ceremony.
So here's a fun Saturday night update, my love @kirilolanaturelove and I won Best music video for our short #Helix at a festival on the Italian coast in Nettuno, near Rome.They are offering to host us for the festival and award ceremony and- well, it's in a medieval castle on the beach so… we are considering it! Grateful.
By Marie-Michele Jasmin-Belisle
Jomon Onokoro Voice Vol.2
6 Month 22 (Sat) Daytime Open 13: 00 Start 13: 30
Night Club Open 17: 30 Start 18: 00
Reservation accepted at Kirirola Online Shop! !
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"Blue Dragon" in Paris 10
“Ao no Tatsusei Paris Performance”
10 Mon 25 Friday (Friday) at 19
Venue: Hyogo Performing Arts Center Kobe Jogakuin Small Hall
Details : https://kirilola.jimdo.com/Ao no Ryusei Paris Performance Triumph Performance -10-25 /
Kirirola ☆ independent performance
12 month 1 day (Sun)
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