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View hot treatment doubts

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It is publicly reported that sapling is almost completely cured in 1 times. View hot treatment, but for some reason, there are consultations with patients who have relapsed or become invalid after more than 100 view hot treatments per year.

It is a mystery why you should come to 1 for consultation that such patients will not be completely cured.

Moreover, there are many facilities that are advertised as having no downtime and no pain because they do not use a knife.

In fact, there are many patients who suffer from extremely ugly warts.

There are many cases of postoperative pain and severe cases. There are many patients who suffer from punctate bruises and scar formation in 1-2 months.

I feel that the view hot treatment is so innovative that it is painless and can be cured completely.

There is no denying the possibility that scars that are far more ugly than the pruning method, which is my classic surgery, will remain in View Hot.

I would like to recommend that you thoroughly examine the treatment methods and actual conditions before you receive treatment.

Re-treatment of view hot is difficult, and the subcutaneous tissue becomes hypertrophic scars and local anesthesia is difficult, and treatment often takes considerable time.

A disastrous situation awaits patients who have received many view hot treatments.

View Hot is a cure that has many questions. What kind of standing position in the treatment of Waikiga in 10 years ahead?

This is a treatment that I want to focus on as a specialist.