Doctor's cosmetics “Reversal Plus”

Doctors Cosmetic Development-2

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Recently, doctors' cosmetics are a hot topic in magazines, but there are manufacturers that use this name to sell poor-quality cosmetics through aggressive sales. It is an ugly complaint that high-concentration vitamin C derivatives are effective, but it is a medical question. Although it is sold at the aroma salon and gym counter in Nagoya, the quality is far from Doctor's cosmetics. The ones that are used for medical purposes at medical institutions are the true doctor's cosmetics. It is a cosmetic product that has gained know-how from clinical research and has been designed with consideration given to the effectiveness, safety, and stabilization of treatment. This hospital supervises, demonstrates, and performs doctors cosmetic production videos for clinical doctors such as the world's only medical education video, the latest doctors cosmetic production tips, and has begun full-scale doctors cosmetic development. It's not a simple idea that 9% higher concentration of vitamin C derivative is better than 5%. Watch out for flashy ads.