Careful hormone replacement therapy in cosmetic surgery

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Hormone replacement therapy is used in some cosmetic surgery clinics, but it is doubtful whether it is a really necessary and safe treatment. I have to say that it is too risky for a healthy person to rejuvenate. In the United States, I was very surprised that there are medical institutions that are proudly promoting safe treatment approved by the FDA, even though it has now fallen.
I think that hormone replacement therapy should be performed by a doctor with clinical experience who specializes in endocrinology.
When I spoke with Prof. Atsushi Aoki at the conference the other day, I agreed with my opinion. Even a medical specialist with a lot of clinical experience, such as Dr. Aoki, is considered to be a treatment that should be performed carefully. A cosmetic surgeon should not do it in one hand.
As an athlete medical trainer, I have taken anti-doping positions in cosmetic practice.