Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Association Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors of the Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Association was held today at 19:00 at Capitol Tokyu Hotel.
This time, we conducted a screening of an appropriate medical institution certified by the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Association.
At this meeting, the board members thought of accrediting only medical institutions with a history of at least 10 years.
As a matter of course, there are cases that suddenly opened up after working in cosmetic surgery for 1-2 years, causing trouble.
In order to eliminate these problematic medical institutions, strict screening standards are required to some extent.
I have more than 17 years of cosmetic surgeon experience, and I can't do anything at risk.
It is undeniable that cosmetic surgeons with little experience in pursuing profits are doing breast augmentation and liposuction.
Furthermore, we are worried about the future of cosmetic surgery by the emergence of doctors who perform cosmetic surgery at a convenience store-like price at a ridiculous death count.
Double hemorrhoid surgery 24,800 yen? Can you do responsible and good quality surgery?
A number of patients who have undergone surgery at these medical institutions and have had major problems have been re-operated.

Knowing the fear of surgery and your skills are the minimum morals of a doctor.
It is still doubtful that a doctor who has been a cosmetic surgeon 1-2 years will perform many high-risk operations as the director of a surgeon who is not afraid of even being a specialist.
For the development of cosmetic surgery, we would like to deepen enlightenment of skills improvement and thinking about surgery for the entire cosmetic surgeon.