Today, it was broadcasted on Pecan TV about amino acids.

There was an introduction of amino acids in the supplement corner on Pekan TV on Tokai TV.
The clinic introduced amino acids that many of the top athletes, including Hanshin Tigers players, were taking.
I am taking amino acids every day because I am doing physical remodeling myself.
However, you will probably not get the expected effect unless you take more than 4000 to 5000 mg a day.
Amino acids have very different efficacy depending on the timing, amount and type of taking them.
Unlike drugs, this is not a single effect but a supplement.
It would be difficult to promote human growth hormone secretion unless you take arginine, glutamine, and glycine at the same time.
Arginine is used both in medicine and as a reagent for testing human growth hormone secretion.
We also teach how to take amino acids that are effective as top professional athlete trainers.