Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi

With Juntendo University School of Medicine Associate Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi

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Last night, I had a meeting with Professor Kobayashi of Juntendo University in Akasaka and talked about introducing an anti-aging system for the future sports industry and a major reform of the Japanese sports world.
Prof. Kobayashi, who is the leading professor, is also a leading instructor at Juntendo University, a leader in sports medicine and education.
I have also decided to be an academy medical trainer instructing my academy, and asked for the latest nutritional guidance.
He has over 200 papers submitted overseas, and is a specialist in medical litigation consultant with the number of papers and achievements that he has achieved.
Having a representative medical educator in Japan is a great force for our sports support system.

The destination of anti-aging is health. I think that the importance of beauty from the inside will also attract more attention.