January 10 44 years old

January 10 I became 44 years old.
Mr. Yoshiyuki Fujimura, father-in-law of Shinji Imanaka, the current NHK commentator at the former Chunichi Dragons Ace, invited him to Ryotei Yoshiya and had a dinner with his family.
It is around this time that fatigue is not lost.
I feel nostalgic when I worked as a surgeon 20 years ago.
17 years as a cosmetic surgeon, 10 years since opening the clinic.
I want to continue to work hard every day.

We will endeavor to provide high-quality medical services at a low price while working to provide high-quality medical services to patients.
For the 10th anniversary, placenta injection 1 ampoule 1050 yen, skin diagnosis with Robo Skin Analyzer 2100 yen, photo RF armpit hair removal 4 times 39900 yen, chemical peeling of the whole face 10500 yen, etc. I will do my best.
In order for many patients to experience the beauty of aesthetic medicine, we will make further efforts to spread aesthetic medicine.