Clinic treatment costs

Recently, the opening rush of cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery seems to continue nationwide.
Some doctors open as a cosmetic dermatologist with only a little experience in dermatology at university, or simply do risky cosmetic surgery by opening 1-2 years in major cosmetic surgery It seems to be.

Although it is considered to be more profitable than insurance treatment, it requires a large amount of money to purchase many expensive treatment devices.

Some patients are suffering from trouble by collecting patients with a big discount and having a less experienced byte doctor perform the operation.
There is a reasonable price for treatment.

This is the minimum treatment cost that can be carried out responsibly as a doctor and maintain the management of a medical institution.
Medical services seem to vary greatly depending on the medical institution.
Now that we are in 10, we will review the quality of medical care and the cost of treatment, and strive to provide high-quality medical services to patients at low cost.
We will make every effort to reduce the cost of treatment as much as possible so that you can know the beauty of beauty and beauty that can never be realized through esthetic salon treatment.

Currently, we are offering treatment costs at a low price as a campaign, but we would like to continue to offer treatment costs at a lower price according to the needs and demands of patients.