Dealing with slander in clinics

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The clinic has harassment using prank calls and the Internet.
Unlike general medical institutions, it may be unavoidable to some extent because telephones and HP addresses are often presented to an unspecified number of people, but it is legal to deal with excessive slander and harassment. It's a shame.
When I was working for a major cosmetic surgery, the Internet was not widespread, and speaking of harassment was just a phone call, but recently there are people who write malicious messages on bulletin boards and blogs on the Internet.
The patient who can complain about our service attitude is rather grateful and eager to do it every day, but unilateral slander is a legal criminal act of defamation. I recognize that there is. We will ask the counsel to investigate to those who are slandering or harassing them.
If you have any dissatisfaction or doubt about your treatment or response, you should tell your doctor or staff directly.

Even if the treatment cost is high, the patient will not be able to receive if the treatment cost is high, and the patient has the option. Medical institutions have no option.
We only provide medical care to the patients who come to the hospital.

Even if the unit price is low, if the initial consultation fee or re-examination is necessary, the treatment cost will eventually increase. As a general rule, we do not receive any initial medical examination fees or re-examinations other than treatment costs.
The treatment is completely different from the case where the nurse or reception is entrusted to the case where the specialist performs directly.
I do not take the attitude of taking any new medical treatment immediately.

Botox also has medical institutions that inject cheaply using materials made in China and South Korea that are a fraction of the price of raw materials made by Allergan.
Medical services are cheap and good, not expensive.
I think that there are few customers who say slander and complaints to brand shops when the same brand goods are sold at discount shops cheaply.

We give books and materials and give explanations and counseling.
Isn't the clinician's experience important too?
In addition, we do not perform expensive treatment such as breast augmentation, liposuction, face lift, bone cutting like general cosmetic surgery. However, I do not think that my medical technique is not at the level where all of these cosmetic surgeries can satisfy the patient.
It is also the duty of the doctor to tell the patient that they cannot.
Our hospital considers even a little risk and does not perform expensive treatment.
We believe that it is important to provide medical services at low cost for the spread of aesthetic medicine.
I would like to strengthen the service for reviewing medical expenses, collect information on the latest medical care, and conduct academic activities more than ever.