The 90th Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society

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The 90th Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society was held yesterday at Roppongi Academy Hills.
At this conference, we presented a clinical case of human collagen as a symposist.
Many clinics frequently use hyaluronic acid because of its low cost of purchase, but considering the natural finish and pain at the time of injection, we believe that human collagen injection is superior in treating wrinkles.
If you do it yourself, choose human collagen if you don't think about the cost.
Providing patients with medical care what they can do and what they can do.
Naturally as a doctor.
I choose hyaluronic acid, which has a long-lasting effect for petit shaping, but wrinkles definitely have a merit of collagen injection.
Hyaluronic acid may be good for management, but the medical merit is collagen.
There is really little pain because it can be injected with a very thin needle of 32 gauge.
There are various injection materials, but I felt strongly that it was necessary to explain the advantages and disadvantages to patients.
Never use a product that is uneasy to manufacture just because it is cheap.
It is also true that Botox has medical institutions that use products made in China and Korea, where the products are unstable and liver dysfunction has been reported.
Medical services require high quality with advanced technical services.