Coverage of Da Vinci

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Da Vinci, a famous book information magazine.
The theme is an inner balance scanner, a system that measures autonomic nervous function.
Is manga artist Haruko Otagaki me? The process is compiled into an essay comic.

So far, color coordinate channeling, Western astrology, hypnosis, aura soma, net fortune telling, feng shui, miniature garden therapy, chiropractic, palm view, etc. have been experienced and compiled into comics.

This is the 21 measurement of autonomic nervous function. Unlike previous experiences, it was an experience of scientific testing, so I was very satisfied with the interviews.

The term autonomic nerve is often used. Doctors themselves use it as a matter of course, but few people have a solid scientific understanding of its meaning.
Most doctors don't even know they can do the test.

The autonomic nerve, which is extremely important for human life, will attract more attention in many fields.
I am addicted to the study of autonomic nervous function.