Monthly magazine Da Vinci Coverage

Interviewed about autonomic nervous function. It is published in comics over 2p in this month's issue of Da Vinci.
The measurement, measurement results, and meaning of autonomic nerve function are explained in a very easy-to-understand manner.
Until now, people often heard the word autonomic nerves, but few doctors really understood the meaning. A doctor who had never measured or evaluated autonomic nerves once commented as an expert on autonomic nerves.
Autonomic nerves are important for human unconscious life support and control systems.
NASA also uses this system for astronaut training programs.
Originally researched in Russia for military purposes, clinical research in the United States, and system development.

It is also important for diet and beauty.
Clinic is used for stress care, anti-aging inspection, diet inspection, etc.
The clinic has a dedicated measurement system. Unfortunately, few medical institutions have systems that can accurately measure autonomic nervous function.

I would also like specialists to more fully evaluate autonomic nervous function.