Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Warning of excessive coverage of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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Waseda Jitsugyo who won the summer Koshien Pitcher Saito used, "oxygen capsule" high pressure oxygen therapy is a topic, but I will issue a warning in "Weekly Shincho" magazine released on 9 month 7 day It was.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isSakae Clinic"As the first medical institution in Japan, this system has been introduced since 5 years ago and is used for the care of many athletes including professionals.
We believe that the number of use for top athletes is the highest in Japan. However, it is not used frequently for a long time.
As medical treatment of fractures and flesh, we are focusing on the objectives such as extreme fatigue recovery and reduced autonomic function due to stress. It is treated as one of many treatments.
It feels uncomfortable for the media to argue like a magic capsule.