Mesocarboxytherapy that causes miracles in sports medicine, beauty and diet

The other day, I participated in a new technology system seminar.
Mesocarboxy therapy.
It is a name that seems to bite the tongue, but it is the most noticeable cutting-edge treatment in the future.

This is the latest medical treatment for diet, beautifying skin, and athlete care that combines mesotherapy and carboxytherapy.
Meso-cocktail vitamins, fat-dissolving ingredients and energy-supplying ingredients are injected in liquid form.
At the same time, it is an epoch-making system that can inject carbon dioxide gas to improve the metabolism of the tissue and make it partially thin.

The treatment and partial diet of meat separation, which was difficult until now, can be done easily and in a short time.
Thanks to this system, it has become possible not only to introduce many drugs locally but also to promote metabolism.
This is the first in Japan for clinics.
Currently, only care clinics are available in Japan for athlete care.

The photo is a demonstration by Dr. Banini, a world-renowned authority.
Doctors need to constantly get new information and study.

Medicine and systems are progressing day by day and it can be difficult to keep up.
By the way, the seminar cost was 50,000 yen.
high? cheap?