Akiko Imaizumi 

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From November, Prof. Akiko Imaizumi will be in charge of female doctors at the clinic.
Dr. Imaizumi is a medical doctor and dermatologist who currently travels between New York and Japan and is active as a cosmetic dermatologist.
In the United States, Estee Lauder's research advisor is also working in many fields.

A nice woman with an amazingly sophisticated appearance.
I was very attracted to the friendly and friendly personality.
I believe that if Dr. Imaizumi is in charge of patient-centered medical care, the range of clinics will be expanded.

He is good at mesotherapy and filler treatment, and can be a full-fledged advisor for Doctors Cosmetics.
Both Dr. Liangkawa and Dr. Imaizumi, who are in charge of female doctors, have amazingly beautiful skin and are convincing for cosmetic dermatology treatments.

A beautiful female doctor is very much a male doctor.
The Akasaka clinic can be visited by many media, but I hope it will provide new topics.